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  1. Festival Prelude on Deo Gracias, 15th century
    arr. Sondra Tucker
  2. Five Four Waltz
    Kenneth Lowenberg
  3. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Mvt. 1)
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart/arr. Raymond Herbek
  4. The Rising Moon
    Paul Sullivan/transcribed by Carol Feather Martin
  5. Moon Over the Ruined Castle
    Rentarou Taki/arr. Kazuko Okamoto
  6. Journey of Hope
    Hart Morris
  7. Rhapsody, Reverie and Roundelay
    Judy Phillips
  8. Dance and Devotion
    Hart Morris
  9. To A Wild Rose
    Edward MacDowell/arr. Arnold Sherman
  10. Plink, Plank, Plunk
    Leroy Anderson/arr. Martha Lynn Thompson
  11. Seven-Eight Lay Them Straight
    Hart Morris



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Carol Feather Martin and Virginia Bronze have already taken their place along side groups like Embellish and The Agape Ringers, to name a few. This thirteen track work is filled with energy expression, a bit of percussion and violin. Each piece seamlessly fit one after another and covered a wide range of musical style and emotion.
Robert Stocks

Since the keyword for the Virginia Bronze is contrasts of tonal colors, it is appropriate that their first CD is called Contrasts. I highly recommend that you purchase this CD as a chance to hear handbells played well and played well with other instruments. The CD begins with the haunting “Festival Prelude on Deo Gracias” arranged by Sondra Tucker. The really “cool” “Five Four Waltz” by Kenneth Lowenberg is played very rhythmically with its strong malleted bass. The classical Mozart piece “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” is a good contrast with its precise strict 4/4 rhythm. “The Rising Moon” and “Moon Over Ruined Castle” are excellent contrasts in American folk style and in Japanese folk style. The Virginia Bronze version of Hart Morris’s lyric “Journey of Hope” is gorgeous. Another style contrast is the “Rhapsody, Reverie and Roundelay” by Judy Phillips which features violin and percussion. This exciting work is magnificently and musically played. Another contrast is Hart Morris’s “Dance and Devotion” which constantly changes modality and time signature. “To a Wild Rose” is played entirely on chimes. The mallet piece “Plink Plank Plunk” is fun and masterfully played. The grand finale “Seven-Eight Lay Them Straight” is full of excitement and percussion even including clapping and a train whistle. In short, you will want to buy this fun CD which is indeed full of “Contrasts!”
– Rev. C. Milton Rodgers, III, Minister of Music and Organist Grace United Methodist Church