Our Wish List







Wish List 
3 octvae set of duplicate bells$11,200
Schulmerich Handbells Lower 7th Octave
C#2, D2, D#2$5,330 each
F2, F#2$4,280 each
Malmark ChoirChines
Lower 6th Octave  (G2-B2)$2,710
Lower 7th Octave  (C2-F#2)$6,790
A new piece of music for the group$85 each set
Climate controlled Self Storage Unit$1,500/yeara

We welcome donations to support our activities and acquisition of additional bells, chimes, and other equipment. Gifts of any size are gratefully accepted! Partial donations toward a handbell or choirchime set are welcome. We will notify you when we’ve received enough to purchase the instrument.

Donations of handbells and choirchimes will be recognized at a concert. All donations will be listed in our programs.

Tax-deductible donations can be made by visiting the ticket table at the end of the concert, online via PayPal or snail mail at Virginia Bronze,  P.O. Box 844, Alexandria, VA 22313. Please email us for more information regarding alternate forms of donations you would like to offer.

  • Friend: Up to $99
  • Supporter: $100-$249
  • Sponsor: $250-$499
  • Sustainer: $500-$999
  • Benefactor: $1000+