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Katie Budris(Assistant Treasurer) Has been a musician for over 30 years. In addition to ringing handbells, she enjoys singing and playing the flute. Katie is a dog lover and lives in Arlington, VA.

Shellie Byrum: Shellie began playing handbells in the 7th grade at her church in NC, and had an illustrious run as a piccolo player throughout her college marching band years. She lives in Arlington, VA.

Cameron Carter: (Vice President) Started ringing in January of 2013 when his older brother suggested it as an activity he may enjoy. With great vigor, Cameron dove in and began ringing at Fairlington United Methodist Church with the Jubilate Hand Bell Choir under the direction of Dr. Louise Wilson-Cooper and is entering his third year with Virginia Bronze.

Jennifer Damme: (Secretary) Jenn began her musical adventures with piano at age 5, continued with several choral groups and took a happy detour into jazz and smoky nightclub torch singing. Since becoming a Northern VA resident more than 30 years ago, she has confined her forays to legitimate choral and handbell music, including composing, arranging and directing. Jenn spent several years singing with the National Philharmonic Chorale before enthusiastically joining Virginia Bronze in 2013.

Mya Dundzila: Co-founder of Virginia Bronze, Mya began ringing handbells in the 7th grade after the organ lessons weren’t going so well. She works for the Department of Defense in Springfield, VA.

Chris Dvorak (intern ringer): Chris started ringing handbells with his church, Blessed Sacrament, in 2011, with no prior musical background. He just loved the way it sounded and it looked like a lot of fun. After attending a Virginia Bronze concert in 2013, it just enhanced his desire to learn faster. He joined Virginia Bronze in 2014 as a roady, and is now an intern ringer. In addition to handbells, Chris enjoys golf, tennis and is a high school basketball referee.

Elise Flick: Is a junior at the Potomac School and has been taking handbells classes since fifth grade. During her freshman year, Elise was accepted into the school’s Visual and Performing Arts Concentration, pioneering a focus in handbells. She is a current and original member of the National Honors Handbell Ensemble and enjoys solo ringing as well. Elise can usually be found camping out in the handbells classroom at her school or in her room arranging a wide variety of her favorite music for handbells.

Wendi Hatton: Wendi has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Clarinet Performance from the University of Maryland and the Peabody Conservatory. She is a member of the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra as well as the FSO’s music librarian. She has been ringing handbells for 7 years.

Helen Labadie: Began playing handbells at the tender age of 10. After attending college in Portland, Oregon and ringing at a local church, she returned to her native Washington and joined the ranks of Virginia Bronze in the fall of 2014. Helen is currently employed as an association conference planner in Fairfax but enjoys rollerblading, crocheting, and above all, ringing.

Kelley La CroixKelley has played handbells for nine years. She rings in several handbell groups in the Northern VA area. She also plays violin and cello.

Mike Mandigo: Mike has been ringing for 23 years. He has directed groups for children and youth at Ox Hill Baptist Church. He is a retired technology instructional coach for Fairfax County Public Schools. In his spare time he builds small decorative boxes and furniture.

Kathy MurphyBorn and raised in Northern Virginia, Kathy started ringing handbells at the age of 10, under the direction of Fran Underwood (who just so happens to be a fellow ringer in VAB!).  She has an M.Ed. from Marymount University and works as a special education teacher at a middle school in Fairfax County.

Alan Payne: Alan is a northern Virginia native with a general affection for music of all types. He starting ringing handbells with Fairfax United Methodist Church (FUMC) in 2011 when helping as the Director’s assistant for the Youth Handbell Choir. Soon thereafter he joined the Adult Handbell choir at FUMC and has been ringing with them ever since. Alan typically plays in the lower bass section (big bells), but occasionally moves over to cover percussion as the opportunities arise.

Betsy Preston: (Treasurer) Betsy has over 25 years of ringing experience and also plays viola and piano.

Alice Real: Alice has been ringing for over 13 years and also plays piano. In college, she played harpsichord and recorder with the William & Mary Early Music Ensemble. Alice has a bachelor’s degree in history and music and a masters in early elementary education. She is an elementary general music teacher with Fairfax County Public Schools.

Kristen Reck: Kristen started playing handbells with her Mom when she was 13. She also plays piano, sings in her church choir, and practices Irish dance. Kristen is currently pursuing her PhD in Environmental Science at George Mason University.

Greta Swain: Greta started ringing handbells during college where she was part of a touring ensemble, the Taylor University Ringers. She comes to us from Indianapolis, Indiana and is currently pursuing her masters degree in History at George Mason University. In addition to playing handbells, Greta enjoys cooking, hiking, Irish dancing and visiting historic sites.span/

Judy Sondheimer: Judy has played handbells over 25 years and is a retired pediatric gastroenterologist.

Maria Terry: Has played in various handbell choirs in elementary, high school, and university, joined at times by her mother and two of her sisters. She sings a Capella barbershop and plays the flute in an Alexandria based concert band. She studied anthropology and Chinese at Arizona State and had a baby girl over the summer/span

Fran Underwood: (President) Fran has been ringing bells for over 25 years. She holds a master’s degree of Music/Church Music from Shenandoah University, teaches handbells at Wakefield School in The Plains, VA and is Associate Director of Worship Arts at Clarendon United Methodist Church in Arlington, VA.

Ashley Morgan Wilhelm: Ashley began ringing handbells in the 4th grade in a choir comprised of mostly grey-haired church ladies. She later had the fortune of ringing with Bucknell University’s Rooke Chapel Ringers and Boston’s Back Bay Ringers. She’s excited to be back behind the bell tables after a few years’ hiatus. Currently a family medicine resident training with Unity Healthcare in DC, she craves free time and sunlight.

Laura Wrubel: Laura was a founding ringer in VirginiaBronze and is happy to continue to play handbells in the resonances ensemble.